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I would loved if I could have somehow been there while the photos were taken.
It must have been very exciting.
Have a look at this burning hot collection of images made by professional photographer from France, known online as Bast 86.
These are very nice examples of fire art photography.
It looks so impressive and breathtaking.

Audi R8 MTM

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MTM known as Motoren Technik Mayer has started a program that guarantees customers a unique car tuning package, and they did just that for this bright green Audi R8. Their new program offers customizations that are made exclusively for the customer’s car, and will never be duplicated to ensure a one of a kind car.

For this Audi R8, MTM chose to go with the famous GT3 Porsche green color, the exact name of the color is Porsche 2D8, and it will definitely catch everyone’s eye driving down the road. But they didn’t stop with only paint, they increased the power to 560hp and installed a new aerodynamic body kit made entirely of carbon fiber.

What made MTM famous is their special compressor technology that can give huge performance gains, and for this Audi they were able to increase the horsepower from 420 to 560. This sharp Audi R8 is fitted with ultra light MTM Bimoto alloy wheels, available in two sizes, 9×20 or 11×20 and painted a glossy black. On all four black brake calipers and on the black fuel cap, there is a green “R8” nameplate.

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If your looking to upgrade your Mercedes-Benz E-Class, then you need to consider the LUMMA Design Mercedes E50 CLR from the car tuning specialists.

They bring to the table several aesthetic modifications, as well as performance enhancements under the hood. Adding to the already sporty look of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a new exterior car styling kit that includes a new front bumper with integrated daytime running lights, side skirts, and new vented front fenders.

Customers also have the option of the new D-Box, which LUMMA claims will increase the efficiency by about 20 percent for all diesel models. To make the car quicker off the line, they installed a GPM-Powermodule and fitted an aftermarket exhaust system on the Mercedes-Benz E50 CLR. The interior received a pedal kit and emergency brake kit made of milled aluminum which features non-slip rubber.

The rims come wrapped in high performance Michelin tires measuring 245/30/20 and 285/25/20, fitting the Mercedes E-Class perfectly. LUMMA Design lowered the car by 25 mm to improve handling and allow the wheels to fit flush. Tuning under the hood, the car experts were able to increase the performance numbers to 450 hp and 550 Nm of torque.

Along with the new body kit pieces, the Mercedes E50 CLR features a front lip, sporty rear valance bumper, and optional diffuser for the rear. The trunk lid received an integrated rear spoiler made of aluminum from LUMMA Design, and an elongated changeover to the bumper made of carbon fiber.

Making this particular model unique are LUMMA lightweight wheels in black or chrome from their “Racing Edition”, and measure 20×9 and 20×10.5.

Nissan GT-R Switzer P700

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Switzer Performance Innovation (SPI), a car tuning company from Ohio, have released details on their P700 package for the highly anticipated Nissan GT-R. With over 15 years experience tuning all different imports from Europe to Japan, Switzer Performance was able to get 700hp out of this GT-R, hence the ‘P700'. SPI is well-known for tuning Porsche’s and recently introduced the 1,000 hp Sledgehammer 997.

However, for this project they aimed to maintain a reliable and everyday driver at 93 octane. At stock the new Nissan GT-R is able to produce 480 hp and 434 ft-lbs of torque. So the first major upgrade SPI decided to go with were brand new Garrett GT ball-bearing turbochargers with custom compressor wheels to increase the boost.

The additions of larger turbos and more boost brings the need for cooler air, so a large Monster intercooler was fitted with custom piping.

To keep everything running stable, Switzer remapped the ECU and they claim that with all this extra power there isn’t extra stress on the drivetrain.

The Nissan GT-R dynoed at over 700 hp at the crank, and to the wheels an impressive 626 hp and 583 ft-lbs of torque. This P700 Nissan GT-R performance package is available for a pricey $16,650 USD.

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Undergoing a complete make over, this Porsche Carrera GT has been modified by the Austrian car tuning company Koenigseder. Nicknaming it the Devil, Koenigseder was able to give this Carrera a nice aggressive look with a new body kit. The kit you see here is a completely unique body kit that transforms this Porsche, starting with new bumpers all around, and ending with air intakes coming from the roof.

It is still a Porsche Carrera GT under all the exterior mods, and it still holds its performance numbers under the hood. But if you look at the fancy additions to the exterior, you can tell this kit from Koenigseder doesn’t come cheap, and we have the prices for you.

The front bumper, similar to the Lamborghini in my opinion, will cost you 8,040 euros and that’s not a typo on our part! The rear bumper just as expensive at 5,400 euros and the side skirts are even more at 6,000 euros for the pair. However if you can afford a Porsche Carrera GT, I doubt handing over an extra 10,800 euros for the rear wing,

and roof air intakes wouldn’t break the bank. Adding it all up, and if you choose the interior package as well (1,800 euros) the total is 32,040 euros. That’s not too bad I’d say, considering it’s a Porsche Carrera GT that looks eligible for Formula 1.

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