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These glasses have the flute and stem but are missing the stand. That’s because you’re supposed to stick them in the stand when not in use. The sand you ask? Yes, they were designed for hot Swedish summers at the beach.

They come in sets of four with each glass representing an element of nature; fire, air, water, and earth. The 5th element? The glasses themselves. Ooh, clever.

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What if you could control everything in your home with a little handheld gadget? That's what this universal remote by David Chacon got us thinking about, with its roomy screen — a nerve center right in your pocket.

Simply called the Universal Remote, the device would be flash capable so it could display anything from channel listings to more elaborate menus. With a touchscreen, the right frequencies and support from outside companies, the remote would allow you to change your television's volume to turning on the oven or dimming the lights — and companies could create custom graphic user interfaces for a product, too.

Pamela Anderson is drunk

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After ether in the American version dances with the stars 42- summer Pamela Anderson left for the club Of guys & Of dolls to remove stress and to finish celebrating surveys. In the drinking bout the former model Of playboy itself did not limit. After being weakened after several glasses,Pamela it began to flirt with the being present in the institution men. One of them thus was pleased [Pem], that it began to iron it on the foot directly after the table. Grow tipsied and tiredPamela left club at dawn with the new fellow and the bodyguards, who conducted it to the machine.

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New York State is home to some impressive waterfalls , New York City, not so much. The city is planning on changing that this summer with the New York City Waterfalls project. It's a big, expensive undertaking: $9 to $10 million dollars to make four waterfalls rise from the East River and New York Harbor. As you can see from the gallery below, right now the project is just a work in progress. The Public Art Fund and City of New York, both sponsors of the Olafur Eliasson-designed installation, plan for the waterfalls to run from late June through October of this year.

The City hopes that tourists will flock to see the waterfalls from water taxis. We think that the idea is pretty cool, but we also know that the East River is nowhere near as clean as it looks in the concept pictures. The water will be filtered before it goes through the falls. We just hope that the city filters it well enough that it will be safe to breath in the East River mist that they'll create.

Crystal Watch

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Crystal Watch

Inspired by Swarovski’s expertise in crystal and Signity’s brilliance in gems, the Luna Watch is made of crystal, stainless steel and a Spessartite Garnet. To tell time just touch the two contact points and time seems to magically float inside the crystal.

Simplistic in its function yet aesthetically complex therefore this is a fashion watch. You can expect to see it in a range of colors with coordinated Signity gems.

Designer: John Pszeniczny

Emaar water spectacle

Emaar Properties said on Monday it plans to build one of the largest fountains in the world as the centrepiece of its Downtown Burj Dubai project. Arabian Business reveals what the real estate giant has in store

The fountains, which has yet to be named, will be capable of shooting water over 150 metres into the air - the height of a 50-storey building - and stretch over 275 metres - the length of two football fields

The $218 million project will be 25 percent larger than the iconic fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas

Like the Fountains of Bellagio, Emaar's fountains will include an integral light and sound show and is expected to become one of Dubai's major tourist attractions, drawing over 10 million visitors per year.

The fountains will shoot 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any given moment and feature over 6,600 lights and 50 colour projectors.

The fountains have yet to be named and a cash prize of $27,225 has been assigned to the winner of a competition to name the water feature

The structure is scheduled to be operational by 2010

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At the most popular ski resort in Lebanon Mazaar tourist village Kfardebyane took another display of a collection of women's underwear K-Lynn Lingerie, which took place during the festival of skiing and Fashion "Ski and Fashion Festival 2010".

The Two Lovebirds

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Pera is the name of a rooster who was born all alone and never had any company. However, one day he found a small white chicken to walk with. They soon become inseparable. Together they walked through the beautiful gardens. It would appear that they are truly lovebirds, as they gaze longingly at each other.

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