Perfect British Gal Cheryl Tweedy

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Her relationship with Ashley Cole attracted great media interest from the very beginning. One tabloid newspaper carried a story which alleged that Cheryl was having an affair with a man from Newcastle, but these allegations were dismissed and Ashley later revealed in his autobiography that the story could not have been true as Cheryl had not been back to Newcastle for several months prior to the publication of this story.

Cheryl Ann Cole, (née Tweedy) (born 30 June 1983) is an English singer and member of the girl group Girls Aloud. She is married to the Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole.

She was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Throughout her childhood she performed in a large number of modeling and fashion shows. She entered ballroom competitions, sang, acted and won a ballet competition.

She told Q Magazine that she was once stalked before she became famous by a man with a foot fetish. "I was working as a waitress in a café in Newcastle and there was this creep who used to come in a couple of days a week. He was fine at first, but then he started asking to look at my feet. I wore open-toed sandals, and he said he loved my feet. I was about 15 years old and he was a 30-year-old man. He was sweaty and had spit in the corner of his mouth. I ran home and my brother came out to find him. He would have killed him. I mean, feet? If he liked my eyes then that would have been okay!"

She appeared in two British Gas adverts, an SCS advert, and an Eldon Square Christmas advert with younger brother Garry. In addition to Garry, Cole has another Brother, Lee Baker and a sister Gemma Slone , as well as two stepsisters, Frankie and Amy.

Cole was also signed to a management in Newcastle before Girls Aloud alongside other acts such as 3NM, Xscape & successful UK act Robbie Glover

Cole was working as a waitress when she entered the UK talent-search show Popstars: The Rivals. In the final show she received the most votes in the poll which chose the girls for the all-female group Girls Aloud, and was the first to be picked for the group. She has co-written a number of songs whilst in the group, including:
- "Big Brother" (What Will The Neighbours Say?)
- "History" (Wake Me Up single)
- "Crazy Fool" (Whole Lotta History single)

On 11 January 2003 Cole (then Tweedy) was involved in an altercation with a nightclub toilet attendant, Sophie Amogbokpa, in the Drink (now Harpers) nightclub in Guildford. Tweedy was subsequently charged with racially aggravated assault (she had allegedly called Amogbokpa a "Jigaboo" among other racial slurs) and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. During her trial Tweedy claimed she acted in self defence (claiming she had been punched first) and denied using racially abusive language.

The jury found her guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, but cleared her of racially aggravated assault. The judge sentenced her to 120 hours of community service and ordered to pay her victim £500 in compensation, as well as £3000 prosecution costs.

Sometimes referred to in the press as "Chezza", she has gained celebrity status through her role in Girls Aloud. Cole finished seventh in 2007's FHM poll. In July 2006 Cole signed a deal worth a reported £200,000 to become the face of Coca-Cola Zero for its UK launch.

Consequently, her cachet in the tabloids has been huge. For example, during a recording at Top of the Pops, Mike Skinner of The Streets dedicated his song "When You Wasn't Famous" to Cole, leading to much media speculation and many believing the song was about her. Skinner later corrected everyone by saying that he only dedicated the song to her because Girls Aloud were at the same taping of TOTP.

Cole co-presented the August 25, 2006 episode of The Friday Night Project along with Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding, where she did impressions of Sharon Osbourne and Big Brother 7 winner Pete Bennett.

During the Germany 2006 World Cup where Cole was supporting fiancé Ashley Cole, she was continuously photographed with the wives and girlfriends of other England football stars, and a media frenzy occurred over their partying and shopping sprees.The British media deemed them the "WAGS" (wives and girlfriends), and criticized their antics. She later said the other "WAGS" lived off their partners' money, and did no work themselves, whereas she had had a career with Girls Aloud before meeting Ashley, and did not "borrow his plastic" when she went shopping.

Even before marrying Ashley Cole, she won the title of "Sexiest Footballer's Wife" in FHM's 2006 Bloke Awards, and as Cole's fiancée she was a prominent "WAG" in Germany.
She and Cole were married at Wrotham Park, just north of Barnet, Hertfordshire on 15 July 2006 - although they were to marry at Highclere Castle, Berkshire (according to a guard at the premises). When the two changed their plans, Tweedy and Cole had asked the staff there to lie to the press and not to disclose the fact they weren't actually getting married there.. Cole had a dress designed by Roberto Cavalli, reportedly worth £110,000 (€145,000), flown to England. The wedding was paid for by OK! Magazine, with whom the couple signed a £1 million deal to publish pictures of the wedding. She used to live near Kalou, but she now lives in Hamstead.


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