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At some point you are going to need your computer repaired. Hardware and software issues will always happen at some point.

I’m sure you already new this but almost half of all computer repairs are actually the end users fault. That’s right it’s your fault. Close to half if not more of all computer repair jobs have to do with removing spyware or viruses from computers. If the person had protection in the first place they would not have to pay a few hundred bucks to get it repaired.

I already have Anti-Virus so I’m good

This is 100% false. In fact many people out there think that just because they have anti-virus software installed they are protected. End users need at least three things to be protected while on-line. If you are missing just one of them your system is at risk. Those three must haves are a good firewall a good anti-virus client and a lastly spyware protection. If you don’t have all three then at some point and time you will be infected with something.

The sad truth is most people out there want to save a buck. They go out and download a free anti-virus client and call it quits. I’m not knocking free software but there is not one free anti-virus client that can match the protection of most paid software. Yes they do work but for many you do not get live protection, it’s only after you are infected that the software kicks in and removes the threat. By that time it may be too late. Another misconception is not having to re-purchase your software. Every year you have to pay to re-new your client software. If not then you are leaving yourself open to all the latest threats.

For the most part people do have an anti-virus client installed and by default in XP and Vista you have a firewall. While the Vista firewall is decent the XP one is really lacking and you should not really on it. The one thing most people skip out on is spyware protection. Spyware is more prevalent on the net nowadays then viruses are. The reason is simple. Spyware is where these crocks can make a ton more money. Rather then just crashing your system, why not have a thousand pop-ups and push fake anti-virus software onto people? That’s why spyware has taken over as the leading threat online.

What can I do about It.?

This one is simple. Go out and pay the 3o bucks for an anti-spyware program. If you need virus protection and a firewall then add anther 20 bucks onto that and you’re good to go. It’s a very wise investment and the next time your co-worker complains about being infected you will be glad you did.

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