Stress-Free Holidays

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Release the tension around you, and embrace the peace within.

We all get overwhelmed this time of year, but the key to keeping our mental balance lies in being able to handle stressful situations. Use our tips to prepare yourself.

Move for Your Mood Daily exercise helps release bottled-up tension by exerting energy in a positive way, and sweating helps dissipate impurities in your body. Also, stretching, which lets your muscles "yawn," encourages stress to melt away through your fingertips and toes.

Mental Munohies Some folks head to the fridge to find relief. Sugary, starchy comfort foods such as ice cream and potato chips create an artificial surge of energy. Opt to eat a balanced diet throughout the day, reaching for power fare such as blueberries and oranges when you need a snack.

Mind Over Matter Learn to react calmly to tension. First, draw on past experiences to form a plan of action. Second, seek support from family and friends. Third, find inspiration by doing something creative or helpful for others.

Sorting Out Stressors

Stress, a natural response to situations and experiences, places demands on our body's resources. There are different types of stress: Positive stress arises in situations that challenge us to grow and teach us how to change ourselves or our environment. Negative stress results from events that we cannot easily change or avoid, such as physical injury. Life events can fall into either category. "The best way to handle negative stress is to be prepared for it in advance," says Corey Keyes, positive psychologist at Emory University in Atlanta and a member of our Healthy Living Advisory Board. "This means getting sufficient sleep, eating a good diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly."

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