Ferrari Moto Concept

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How’s this for hot like butter drippin’ off a biscuit? It’s a motorcycle design concept penned by Amir Glinik, an Israeli designer with a passion two-wheeled prancing ponies. Supposedly powered by a V4 derived from none other than the Enzo’s V12, this moto should have the oomph to do the company proud.

Glinik seems to have looked into Ferrari’s past for inspiration instead of taking cues from the current line-up. The lines look like they’ve been rolled straight off the fender of a 250 GTO, and the low center of gravity makes us think this thing would be more for long straights than canyon carving. Practical? Naw. That’s why it’s a design concept. While Ferrari has dabbled with two-wheeled hoonage in the past, odds are this thing won’t make it off the drawing board. Too bad


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