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Australia is one of the most preferred holiday destinations, with Sydney and Canberra being a hot favourite among the tourists.

Apart from their beauty and attractive tourist spots, Sydney and Canberra hotels are also well known.

If you are planning a vacation to Sydney or Canberra, then the following information about the two cities, will guide you to make your vacation all the more comfortable and enjoyable:

1: Sydney: it is the largest city in Australia and the most populated too. It is a city of land and sea as it is situated on the southeast coast giving it a perfect access to the both the natural resources. This feature of this beautiful and lively city is one of the main reasons why so many tourists are attracted to visit Sydney each year.

Sydney is brimming with activities and tourist attractions, and one can never get bored here. Apart from its rich and varied heritage and cultures, this city has lovely and exotic beaches to offer to its tourists and visitors. If you are a sun and sand person, you just need to book an accommodation near a beach and enjoy the vast spread of these paradises like beaches. Moreover, not to forget the internationally renowned tourist attractions like Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, etc.

Accommodation Sydney:
There are a number of different accommodations available, to suit everyone's taste, needs and pocket. Hotels in Sydney are well known for their utmost service and incomparable comfort. Then there are Villas and Homes on rent, which are epitomes of luxury. For tourists who like home-like comfort, Serviced apartments and studio apartments are available.

2: Canberra: The tourists, who vacation in this city, leaves highly refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Canberra is the capital of Australia and is one of the largest tourist destinations. Since it is a highly developed and economically advanced city, it provides utmost comfort and luxury to the tourists.

Canberra has a lot to offer to its tourists. It is full of tourist attractions like Museums, Architectural spots, rich heritage, Wildlife, Amusement parks and water parks, and many more. This city is full of different cultures, heritage spots and provides an array of exotic foods and cuisines.

Accommodation Cranberry:
Hotels in Canberra oomphs luxury and comfort. This city is full of exotic hotels, resorts, villas, serviced apartments, studio apartments and boutique hotels. These accommodations provide utmost comfort and facilities and are exemplary for hospitality. You can find both budget and luxury accommodations. Luxury accommodations come with amenities like mini bars, fitness centres, swimming pools, laundry service, spas, baby sitters, recreational activities, etc.


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