Gold's Mountain

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One of the sacred things - Golden Of rock (gold mountain) - True, to reach the gold mountain not such a one is simple. To private cars passage into the excursion zone is forbidden.

Only public transport - [marshrutki], which are light [gruzovichki] with the open body, into which they are filled to thirty people.

Ride on the mountain paper streamer under such conditions - entertainment not for the nervous. But also the continuation of way is left much to be desired itself.

Tourists they do not bring to most gold mountain, but they set down on the distant approaches. Further it is necessary to go on foot, which under the conditions of the intolerable heat is very heavy.

It believes very easily in this legend, since the physical laws here pass, one cannot explain, why the stone, which is lowered from the cliff at improbable angle, until now, did not roll down downward.

Strictly mountain itself is not relic. Value presents the stone, located on its apex. Seems, [tron] this enormous, overhanging above the precipice boulder, and it will fly downward, but stone

preserves its unstable position from the immemorial times by some miracle.
golden of rock, gold [goraKak] assert monks, it is attached to the sky by Buddha's hairspring.

However, men can pass to the sacred thing freely, moreover tourists here on the level with the local. To the stone it is permitted to touch, to glance under it, to photograph - these actions will not cause disapproval in [myanmantsev].

Moreover, to curious man- foreigners local pilgrims even propose to together push chunk so that those could personally be convinced of the fact that the stone “vibrates”, if it are swung, but in this case by wonderful means uncommon position preserves.

Women they do not allow to approach to the stone nearer than on 10 m (probably, they fear, that they will drop it into the precipice).

It is special for this before the entrance on the area, where stone stands, plates with the gold spraying sell.

[Kyaktiy] city is for the Burmese Buddhists of its kind Mecca. To visit at least once in the life gold mountain considers as its duty each.
Pilgrims, even poorest, compulsorily sacrifice money to the gilding of stone, or they themselves decorate sacred thing with tinsel gold.

Only in the very foot of rock sacred thing are on duty porters, ready to deliver upward and you, and your luggage. But only well-off pilgrims and tourists use their services.
The majorities of travellers rise to the peak independently. Good,

on the way to apex continually fall merchants, who propose local “energy beverage”, juice of the sugar cane, which wonderfully restoring forces. They here deal in all possible balsams, ointments and souvenirs.


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