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“I wish they all could be California girls,” said the philosopher and poet D. L. Roth, but that’s a little short-sighted. There are millions of gorgeous women outside the borders of the United States, and in this feature we’ll spotlight twenty hotties so foreign that they don’t even speak English. Please note: I have done as much research as possible to ensure that these lovely ladies don’t speak our mother tongue, but I can’t promise anything. Most of their phone numbers are unlisted, so I couldn’t check personally.

Model Elin Grindemyr has been voted the hottest woman in Sweden after multiple appearances in a men’smagazine with the very unfortunate name of Slitz. You know how hot Swedish women are, so check that out: what happens when the gorgeous get gorgeouser.

Christel Sundberg is a Finnish singer who is just as cute as a button. Let’s just say I don’t ever want to be Finnished with her. Actually, let’s not say that, that’s retarded.

Chelina Manuhutu is a stunning Dutch model who perfectly exemplifies the racial melting-pot of modern-day Europe. That sounded pretty highbrow, right? So we’re not just looking at a hot chick in a bikini?

Aleida Nunez is a Mexican telenovela star, and good Lord is she smoking. I’d stay in for the soaps if they starred babes this hot here.

Japanese “actress” Sola Aoi (yes, actress is in quotes for a reason) has a gorgeous face, amazing body and great personality. Sure, she could stand to get some sun, but whatevs.

I’m bending the rules just this once – French actress and director Melanie Laurent is learning English right now, but when she stepped on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds she couldn’t speak a single word of it. Can you imagine having to work with a motormouth like QT and not understanding a single thing he said?

Malian model Tiguida Sissoko is an up-and-comer in the French fashion scene, and with looks that flawless, I can understand why.

Amit Freidman is a gorgeous Israeli model. I’m a sucker for freckles. And unbelievably hot chicks. But mostly freckles.

Gamze Karaman is no jive turkey – she’s a model from Turkey. And that ain’t no jive. Oof. I’m sorry, I can’t read Turkish.

Russian actress/singer/model Zhanna Friske came to our attention in the Eastern Bloc vampire action movie Night Watch, but she’s a lot cuter in the daylight.

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