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Windows operating system is ubiquitously used by million of users all over the world. With its growing popularity as number one operating system,

it also attracts hackers who always find one way or another to get around Windows system to spread harmful viruses, worms and malwares.

This poses significant threat to Microsoft's business. As a result Microsoft has been consistently taking serious measures, either by itself or by collaborating with other related parties in order to alleviate security breaches.

Microsoft is currently running a "Protect Your PC" campaign in collaboration with Panda Security. Under this campaign you can grab Panda Internet Security 2010 for FREE for three months. Here is Panda Internet Security 2010 list of features.

Key Features of Panda Internet Security 2010

* Anti-Malware Engine
* Personal Firewall
* Advanced Proactive Protection
* Anti-Phishing Filter
* Anti-Rootkit Technology
* Anti-Banking Trojan Engine
* Anti-Spam Filter
* Web Filter
* Parental Control
* Backup & Restore
* Personal Information Filter


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