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TV actress Miren Ibarguen hails from the Basque region of Spain. Why not take a second to basque in her hotness?

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Jitka Kocurova is another gorgeous Czechoslovakian actress / model. Never in my entire life have I wanted to be a bathtub so badly.

Alena Seredova is a Czechoslovakian model currently living in Italy. Will I make a joke about “Czeching out those curves?” I – I won’t!

Hungarian actress Banhidi Vivien is a classical, flawless beauty. All other information is classified.

Andressa Soares, also known as the Watermelon Woman, has the most famous butt in Brazil. She even has her own TV show where she teaches the viewers how to wiggle their backends. Giving back to the community – how noble.

Bulgarian beauty Melinda Poznik is so hot that it’s making my computer fan whir like crazy just uploading this picture.

Two Belgians in a row? Lubna Azabal is a totally different kind of beauty, but no less stunning for it.

Joke Van de Velde was Miss Belgium in 2000 and is only getting hotter with time. And that’s no joke. Neither is that.

Another gorgeous Mexican telenovela actress, the lovely Barbara Mori’s fame has stretched around the world, landing her roles as far away as Bollywood.

Impossibly foxy Italian actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno pushes all the right buttons for me – classy and nice to look at, all at once.


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