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But we think the best part of Gemma Atkinson’s career is her modeling for FHM, Maxim and Loaded, where one can truly appreciate her best “assets.”
The English soap opera Hollyoaks has captivated teens across the world. Since 2001, Gemma Atkinson’s character, Lisa Hunter, has certainly been a part of the success of the program and of its sexier spin-offs, including Hollyoaks: In the City.

When you get a role in an internationally televised series, you’re not exactly going to be obscure anymore. Gemma Atkinson was one of the leading forces behind Hollyoaks and its three spin-off series, including Hollyoaks: After Hours, in which Gemma demonstrated her more provocative side.

Gemma has certainly seen a rise in her fame since her debut on Hollyoaks in 2001, and her modeling career has added to it. Gemma has parlayed her sex-symbol status into gigs in magazines such as FHM, Loaded and Nuts.

In 2007, she also appeared in the hit reality show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! which began in the UK in November.

With a body that befits magazine covers, Gemma Atkinson is just one more example of the age-old adage “sex sells.
” With her sexy blonde hair, radiant eyes and flawless skin, Gemma was born to be a glamour model. Gemma’s 34Ds certainly don’t hurt her sex appeal, and the fact that she has no problem showing them off makes her that much sexier.


“They're a 34D. I read somewhere they were a double F! I wouldn't be able to walk! All people ask about is boobs. It's like the whole nation is obsessed with my boobs.”
- Gemma Atkinson

Gemma was born on November 16, 1984, in Bury, Greater Manchester, England. She went to Castlebrook High School, where she was very involved in school activities. She did quite a bit of athletics and was an avid sports fan. Obviously, she was an extremely popular girl and had a multitude of friends during her school years.

gemma atkinson on hollyoaks

Gemma Atkinson was too into sports to be interested in modeling and acting in her younger years. Thus, it was Gemma's mom who introduced her to the glitz and glamour of acting and modeling by deceiving her into her first audition. Gemma started off in commercial acting and photographic modeling, and her natural beauty and adorable face quickly made her quite the commodity.

In 2001, Gemma Atkinson was cast for the role of Lisa Hunter on the acclaimed English television series Hollyoaks. Her role quickly propelled her into fame and illustriousness. There were few teenage boys who could not pick Gemma out of a lineup, and she was only 17 years old at the time.

gemma atkinson on hollyoaks: in the city

Gemma Atkinson soon became a staple of the Hollyoaks brand name. Because of the success of the show and Gemma’s unbelievably huge following, the producers launched Hollyoaks: After Hours in 2004. It was a short-lived program, but it turned Gemma from a teenage star into a sex symbol in a matter of seconds.

Since then, Gemma Atkinson has appeared on two other Hollyoaks spin-offs. In Hollyoaks: Let Loose, she continued to play the role of Lisa Hunter. However, as the title entails, Gemma’s role in this series was a lot more liberal. Gemma also starred in Hollyoaks: In the City, in which she once again played a more mature and compelling role.

gemma atkinson in zoo weekly

Gemma Atkinson has grown into one of the most sexual and beautiful models and actresses in England. Her glamorous looks and her enhanced bust have made her a sex symbol that just about every men’s magazine is interested in photographing; that’s why she has been featured in just about every English magazine there is. From Arena and Zoo Weekly to Maxim and Loaded, Gemma has received much-deserved exposure.

Gemma Atkinson’s open, liberal personality has been a great quality in her career. It allowed her to expand upon a show that was limiting her talents and to turn her acting occupation into a superstar modeling career. She also used her open and sexual personality to seize a journalistic opportunity when she agreed to become Zoo Weekly’s regular sex and relationships columnist.

gemma atkinson is named no. 46 in 2008 top 99

In 2007, Gemma Atkinson was a busy girl. She participated in a 5K charity run for breast cancer awareness. She also joined the cast of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here in November.

In 2008, Gemma Atkinson was cast in the British film Boogie Woogie alongside Heather Graham. She also came in at No. 46 on's 2008 Top 99.


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